Dare to Care: The Dove Men+Care Challenge #Sponsored

You all know I love a challenge; my life is a challenge and particularly when it comes to caring for myself – this is the ultimate challenge. I am so clumsy, accident and injury prone. So when Dove asked me to take part in the Dare to Care challenge, I was more than eager to take part.

Dove Men+Care

If you don’t already know, The Dove Men+Care collection is a comprehensive collection of skin care and body product designed for all skin types and occasions including: sensitive, tired, dry, dirty or irritated. The products, formulated with specific targeted ingredients, are available at really great prices and are a fantastic jumping off point in the world of men’s skin care. It’s all about taking the time to better get to know and understand your own skin – we’re all different!

Dove Men+Care Hydrating Cream £8.99

Dove Men+Care Hydrate is a range that I very much approve of. I will say there is a gentle fragrance which I can sometimes do without, but it doesn’t last on the skin and is very, very mild. The texture of the moisturiser particularly is to die for; it melts into the skin and leaves a well-hydrated but none-greasy texture. Just be sure to make sure excess, surface dry skin is exfoliated as otherwise, with any moisturiser, it’ll just sit on the top.

Dove Men+Care Hydrate Shave Cream £2.99

The Shave Cream is great for both face and… ahem…. body – seriously. It’s a very rich and hydrating barrier against your razor which immediately replaces the moisture lost as you glide your blade over the skin.

Dove Men+Care Hydration Balance Face & Body Wash £2.26

Finally my new gym essential is the Hydration Balance face and body wash; it’s hypoallergenic formula deeply cleanses whilst helping to restore some of the hydration lost from cleansing with water – a big thumbs up!

The Dare to Care Challenge

So, a primary-school style first aid box turned up with and note and filled with tools to help me through the challenge.

I already have a first aid box that’s a hypochondriac’s dream filled with labelled Ziplock bags containing tablets, plasters, creams and dressings for any health care need – seriously, I’m thinking of setting up my own Boots-style loyalty scheme for anyone that uses it! But these were not just things for immediate health care, but items to send love, give pep and boost wellbeing.

Day 1

Nothing much to report today. I broke into the tissues as the pollen count had shot up and I was streaming from every part of my face. Nothing is worse than dry tissues to luckily these balm laced Kleenex kept me in good stead – I’m rarely without them and have boxes littered all over my apartment. A few anti-histamines and a good blow later, I was cured!

Day 2

Went to the gym with my friend Alex. She gouged a chunk of her thumb out when re-racking one of the weights after a heavy arms session. I looked at it, ‘aww’-ed and then immediately remembered I’d packed the plasters in my gym bag! Thom to the rescue (or Dove and Elastoplast to be fair).

Day 3

Went into Manchester for the day with my friends; tissues were dispensed from the bag and everyone tried the Bach Rescue Remedy – it’s seriously tasty in water with its 38 essential flower essences!

I have to say, it’s a nice feeling being prepared and being the person that can call out “Oh, I have some in my bag!” – am I turning into my mother? To be fair, I think that ship has long since sailed.

Day 4

Back at the gym – cracking into that Bach Rescue Remedy again after an injury-free session with Alex. You have to get yourself some!

In the gym showers I’d taken the Dove Men+Care Hydration Balance for an all over face and body cleanse. When you’re sweaty and feeling a bit pooped, it seriously gives you that crisp, fresh feeling.

Finished afterwards with the Dove Men+Care Hydrating Cream before heading out into the night and back home, protected and hydrated – but exhausted!

Day 5

Headed into Leeds to take my poorly iMac to the Apple Store (unfortunately the rescue remedy didn’t work) and stopped off to grab a quick Starbuck’s Iced Mango Frappucino – which I guess is for me, but without it I wouldn’t have had the energy to take my iMac to be fixed, which would have meant I wouldn’t be able to write any more articles for you guys, so you can see my logic there… I’m all about the altruism.

All in all…

It’s been a successful week. I think for the sake of carrying a couple of tiny little extra things in my bag, it’s made a change to those around me – even in such a small way. I think we do live in a very isolationist society these days, particularly if you venture to the capital, and more of us should Dare to Care! What’s the worst that can happen?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 23:58 August 17, 2015

Pretty sure you slated the Dove Men products a while back – unless I’m mistaken?

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 19:10 August 18, 2015

    You remember correctly, What happened to being honest? You clearly sold out here Tom.

    Taken directly from your own website “When I have been paid/sponsored to do so and will only accept sponsorship from brands or products I believe in..”

    The other article has been deleted but if you google search “manface dove review”
    You can clearly see it did exist.

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 00:13 August 28, 2015
    Thom Watson

    Hello, hello, hello! You are both correct and here’s the deal:

    Yes I indeed write an open and honest critique Dove Men+Care products a while back, I think about 2/3 years ago now. The products, in their original formulation, contained questionable ingredients.

    Since then, and particularly in the range that has featured above, Dove has released new products that do offer better, more suited ingredients. In standing by this, I invite you to come and look inside my shower where you’ll now find a trio of Dove shower gels.

    I removed the old post as it kept appearing on the ‘you may also like’ post area of this page and created a massively contradictory message – so I thought it best to take it down. I apologise if this came across as ‘shady’.

    The collection of products above have most certainly been tried out and the shaving cream and aforementioned shower gels are still very much in use (it’s too hot for the moisturiser at the moment)

    Please don’t be cross with me!

    T xxx

Harvey Specter
Posted at 20:24 August 12, 2015
Josh | The Kentucky Gent

I need an emergency kit like this around 24/7, I’m more than just a little bit accident prone.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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