Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Care Amnesty

I’m not usually one for just posting anything that pops into my inbox, if I was, Manface would be full of knitted scarves, female dryness treatments and Russian brides (a nice little insight into my inbox right there). However, something came in today that I loved the idea of and I think it’s fabulous when brands do promotions such as this.

Crabtree & Evelyn are running a promotion whereby you take your existing handcream, whatever it might be (unless it’s a Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream) and they’ll swap it for a brand new one of theirs with a value of £5. How fabulous is that?

So take in your £1 Nivea hand treatment and get yourself something truly gorgeous, and Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams are most definitely truly gorgeous.

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