Dark Eye Circles Reviews

Dark circles and under-eye darkness are one of the most common skin concerns affecting men. They make us look tired, exhausted, lacking in energy and unhealthy – however much of this is or isn’t true! Find out how to treat and reduce dark circles and eye bags.

Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

So you’ve probably already read my review of Sampar Glamour Shot (if you haven’t, it’s here and a great place to start) and discovered the amazing skin brightening, tightening and lightening benefits it has to offer, so what about the eye area? To get the most from your skin, always look for separate eye products as the difference in skin physiology is quite vast.

Crème de la Mer The Eye Balm Intense

With dark circles and hypersensitivity galore, this is my goto eye product that has seen me through some very difficult skin times. Heralded as one of Crème de la Mer’s best products for men, this thick yet not greasy balm calms the skin immediately and reduces dark circles within a matter of days. My eye area can often flare up and become burning and itchy, it always has done and is something hereditarily passed down. Water doesn’t help, and most balms and care products make it feel worse, except this which is what brought me to the Crème de la Mer brand in the first place. It immediately soothes.

Outstanding Innovation in Skincare

Dark circles are something that plagues us all, but particularly men. Caused through tiredness, stress, poor health or sometimes passed down hereditarily, they make us look warn out, unhealthy and knackered. I get a couple of emails a week asking me for advice and recommendations etc, but the main question that crops up time and time again is about how to treat dark circles.