CATEGORY: Anti-Ageing

LAB SERIES For Men: Do you even lift, bro?

I have a strange relationship with LAB SERIES products. Until now, after all this time, I’ve just not been able to get into the brand. A mixture of the fragrance they use in some of their products; their seemingly strange distribution/availability; odd naming conventions with “V MAXIMUM LS X TECH P PRO POWER ULTRA… lip balm”; and finally the a website that seems to ignore so many skin types and concerns. It all just seems overly complicated and like they’re using market survey data from the seventies that says a man will only buy something if it’s sounds like a race car.

The Renaissance of The Body Shop: Drops of Youth Cream and Essence Lotion

I never thought I’d be writing this in a million years but over the last 2 years, The Body Shop seems to be undergoing some kind of renaissance, hitting it out the park with almost every-single launch. Their skin care is becoming unrecognisable – in a very good way. For a historical introduction to some of this skin care, check out my rave review of their Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser and Glow Enhancer from last Summer.