Code of Conduct: Armani Code Collection Roundup

I have become an almighty fragrance snob and it’s bad, bad form – I’m not like that with skincare, so why fragrance? Just because a fragrance doesn’t come from a niche boutique or formulated with moss from the west valleys of the Tibetan Plateau, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of praise. Armani Code are those fragrances that aren’t particularly daring but at least two of them are bloomin’ gorgeous.

Armani Code

The original Armani Code – winner of the FiFi Fragrance Of The Year: Men`s Luxe 2006 –  is gorgeous. A head of lemon and bergamot; a heart of star anise, guaiac wood and olive blossom with base notes of leather, tobacco and tonka bean. It sounds more complex than it is, but makes for a very seductive evening (or business scent). I like it, and if you’re not hugely confident when it comes to wearing something very out there; this is gorgeous enough to be noticed in all the right ways.

Armani Code Profumo

I reviewed Armani Code Profumo last year and don’t have much more to say on it but I do find myself putting it on from time to time.

Armani Code Colonia

Armani Code Colonia is a bit ‘meh’. I’ve seen it described using one of my all time favourite scents as ‘Versace Eros in a bad dream’. It’s very forced and clearly was designed to a marketing calendar. Given the seal of approval from Antoine Maisondieu, which is odd as he’s behind many of the Etat Libre d`Orange creations. All I can say is that this is by no means the worst Cologne I’ve experienced; that award currently belongs to Gentlemen Only Fraîche.

All Armani Code fragrances can be found here at Boots from £41~ and you also get a little Armani travel bag when you buy most of them.

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