Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15

Not a new product but Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15 is a pretty awesome one still. Available in 3 different formulations like of their treatment moisturisers, it comes in formulations for Very Dry, Dry Combination and Combination Oily to Very Oily. Usually being more oily and spot prone, I opted for the Combination Oily formula that is completely oil free. This moisturiser is light, hydrating and has an SPF 15 and contains some bloody amazing technology patented by Clinique Laboratories, I will explain all…

Sirtuin Technology (Sir2) assist in the repair and regulation of DNA and genes that change as we age. It’s also an aspect of a process that causes our cells to conserve and burn less energy when the body is going through states of starvation, therefore prolonging life. This when applied in a topical cream is designed to decelerate the ageing process on a cellar level. Boom, science lesson over.

Looking down the ingredients list, Youth surge contains loads anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and humectants which all help to calm the skin and regulate healthy skin functions. Obviously to achieve the best out of this product, it’s best used as part of a good skincare regime, with multi-levelled exfoliation to allow products such as Youth Surge to penetrate the skin more easily and work more efficiently.

As well as a day cream, there’s also an accompanying night cream, which I’ll be honest, I haven’t used as I’m still very much obsessed with my Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser, which is a must for anyone wanting smoother and brighter skin!

Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15 £40/50ml at Clinique Online

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