Clinique Post Shave Healer

If like me, you’re a delicate flower when it comes to shaving, and even though you use a new, multi-blade, top of the line razor, a good shave gel and prepare the skin in every way imaginable, you still get a burn afterwards.

Well besides making sure you don’t apply any fragrance in the shaved area, have a look at (you guessed it) Clinique’s Post-Shave Healer. Containing Aloe Vera, it soothes the skin and any self-inflicted razor burn as well as promoting your natural healing process to quickly repair the skin. You need the tiniest little bit, and I find a bottle lasts for aaaages. As soon as you’ve applied it, don’t really rub it in, just massage it gently over the top and leave it to soak in, after that you can apply the rest of your skincare.

Oh, top tip, use a good exfoliator (from the same range) and use this before shaving, this softens the skin, and promotes the lubrication of your blade against the skin, therefore minimising any little nicks and cuts.

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