Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30

UPDATE: As of today, 6th Jan 2012, Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 is now available to buy online at Clinique Online

… I need a moment to calm myself down. This has to be without fail the best cosmetic product I have come across to date. I fully appreciate that yes I do work for Clinique but I always try to remain objective. I mean, everything about this product is perfect for me.

Well, I’ll start from the beginning: BB cream is a German creation (you find most good ideas are!), created by one of their top dermatologists, this Blemish Balm gives you everything you might ever need, and was made for post cosmetic procedure patients to soothe, cover, reduce and brighten possible scaring and incision marks. This jumped over to Korea and then throughout Asia has been one of the biggest phenomena’s to hit the Asia Pacific shores.

Now Clinique never being one to follow ‘fads’ waited in the eaves, waiting, to see if this was something worth producing, because when Clinique commit to something, by God they do, and it’s usually pretty good; I can’t think of one of their products that doesn’t actually do exactly what it says on the packaging.

So they released their version of the BB cream in Asia, the Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 and believe this has done rather bloody buggery marvelously, it really has got everything. I have managed to bag mine yeseterday, not on my staff discount (annoyingly), but as it’s a Travel Exclusive, and available in most international airports in the UK, I got mine in Manchester Airport. Once I cleared through security, I ran through, barging people out of the way, to get to the counter. At a smidge of £19, with everything it offered, there was no debate.

“So OK Thom, we get it, you’re excited, now what the hell is it you’re blabbering about?” Well this product will give you the broadest possible sun screen, at an SPF 30 that’s PA+++, which for daily wear is more than enough. It features ‘a unique complex of optics’ helping to ‘reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on contact. It’s also packed full of our wonderful friends, Antioxidants (see article to find out more), ‘defend against environmental aggressors’. There is also a moisture content that really keeps your skin soft without it feeling or looking greasy plus Anti-Irritants so soothe skin concerns (for me, my ocassional blemishes).

When you apply the product, it does make you look lighter in colour and you may think that it has some coverage to it, but as you gently rub it in, it fades and blends very nicely, leaving you brighter in complexion, but definitely not looking like you have a drop of cover on at all! This product is skincare and not makeup, providing long lasting effects and oil control for all skin types.

All day today my skin has felt really soft and smooth, more so than normal to be honest, and my skin has looked brighter and more even in tone, to the point where the woman in Druni (Spanish cosmetic store), told me that my skin looked very clear (in Spanish of course) and I raved again about it being due to my Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30.

However much I would want to tell you , it’s not for me to say whether this will come to the UK as part of Clinique’s standard product wardrobe or not, but what I can say is, you need this in your life. You can buy it if you look online from international retailers and it costs around £25-30 from what I’ve seen. Or just get it from the airport!

UPDATE: Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 is now available for £25at Clinique Online

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