Classic Leather Washbags by Aspinal of London

*COUGH* HINT *COUGH*… These stunning Classic Leather Washbags by Aspinal of London  are one of the most classically delicious men’s accessories I’ve seen in a long time. I have a bit of a thing about wash bags and have yet to obtain the perfect one that’s both stylish and hard wearing. They’re each handmade from the finest Green mock croc Italian calf leather with a luxurious signature silk lining which is wipeable with a quality Swiss made zip and fastener for secure closure.

They are £135, but I see this is an investment in your lifelong luggage collection. This is a piece you’ll be pulling from your wardrobe in 30 years time when it becomes beautifully warn and weathered. To check them out, click here to go straight to the Aspinal website.

Posted at 19:39 December 27, 2012

I have been looking for a good toiletry bag for a while now, but £135 is a bit steep! Can you recommend any other brands that might be a bit more affordable?

Posted at 21:23 December 19, 2012
Pampered Prince

I have a bag very similar to this, maybe a bit bigger, but in brown. It’s from M&S Autograph range. I’ve had it YEARS and I love it. Goes on every night away with me.

Posted at 12:54 December 19, 2012

Oh geez, don’t get me started. Aspinal and Smythson. I drool over the leather goods from both of them.


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