Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel / Instant Smooth Self Tanning

So we’ve got as far as the aeroplane now and so I thought I’d give the Monarch inflight catalogue a try and look what I found. I actually bought the Gel from the airport but the Instant Smooth Self Tanning was right there and at a great price – I think about £14.

This is the second part of my summer tanning guide. I need to add that I am the colour of paper, I also do not tan, ever! There was no way I would be coming back form Barcelona for 5 days being the same damn colour as when I left, particularly when the weather has been so nice at home and people there have been getting colour! It’s not on.

The Self Tanning Instant Gel is supposed to be for face and body, but I honestly found it a bit rich for the face, leaving it really shiny. The gel sinks in really easily and doesn’t leave much of a residue and after a couple of hours the colour really starts to develop. The colour is natural and not orangey and  what I really love is that it doesn’t leave you smelling like old biscuits like some sunless tanners do. The colour seemed very even and didn’t clump around the joints and leave you with patches. All in all, one of the best sunless tanners I’ve used to date.

The Instant Smooth Self Tanning is for facial use and is made to smooth lines and reduce the size of pores as well as giving you an instant shot of colour that stays with the skin and develops over time. It’s a really weird consistency, like a smooth mouse. It appears to be completely oil free and does a terrific job of evening out skin tone and the colour is really natural. Again there is no smell as with the body gel and it does a really good job of not clumping, as many facial tanners darken more around drier areas as this is where they tend to sit more easily, but with this, beautifully even.

I should point out that these products are great for men because they don’t have any form of ‘Glow’, which is beauty speak for really fucking annoying glitter that makes you look like a 70’s disco dancer (I was born in 91 so I’m just pulling things out of there air here, but you get my drift), but yeah, they’re really matte. Colour builds gradually and I started to see the full effect after about day 3. I prefer gradual because I think its less noticeable to the people around you than if you go from white to brown in 24 hours, and with the weather being as it is in the UK at the moment, you might just get away with claiming its from sitting in your back garden all week.

Give them a go!

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