Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Not really a new product, but it’s just been repackaged and rebranded and a fine addition to any men’s skin care regeim. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment oil is designed to balance the oil on the skin and improve the radiance of your complextion. It contains Lotus extract as the title gives away which has fantastic cleansing and purifying properties, and Lotus oil is still sometimes used to treat fungal infections! Rosemary and geranium are used to balance the skins oil in the long term.

It’s only good for night use as it is an oil and does leave a small amount of residue. It can be used on its own and massaged in, which is my preferred method, or it can just be mixed into your night cream when in your hand. I’d recommend about 3/4 drops at a time and a bottle should last you an eternity. Make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight as it contains essential oils that can spoil.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil £29/30ml at Boots

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