Chanel Hydramax Mask

At £36 for a face mask, I will say I am expecting a fair bit from the Chanel Hydramax Mask.

The mask is advertised as being for skins that require intense and soothing hydration, which my skin, especially in this weather, is certainly in need of.

The product features something called Ceratonia PFA, which I’m not convinced as being a ‘real’ ingredient, and a little bit of made up beauty jargon, but I’ll let them off, everyone seems to be doing that these days. Ceratonia PFA, however, is there to help bond more moisture to our skin cells, so it doesn’t matter what it’s called, if it does it, I’m satisfied. I believe the mask has been designed to re-hydrate, rather than add oil to the skin, so from the driest to the oiliest skins, just anyone with dehydration. Dehydration can be seen when you lift your cheek up using the side of your index finger, if you see crêpy lines, then that’s some dehydration right there. You can normally tell though, your skin might feel tight after washing, even though it might be an oil slick by midday. So let’s get the mask on then.

On applying the mask, I was hit by the fragrance, which when you use products that are normally fragrance free, it hits you. The smell was not overbearing however and actually very pleasant. I was waiting for my skin to react, as fragrance can often send me off, but nothing, not a tingle. It may seem that I’m out to ‘get’ this product, and in a way, I am. Chanel is a massive clothing company, not predominantly a skincare company, and for the prices they charge, they have a lot to prove but it seems to be doing pretty well so far. From the box, to the tube, to the application and texture, I’m impressed.

The mask feels really cooling, gentle on the skin, and I can honestly feel my skin relax and loosen up, especially around the nose where dehydration tends to hit me the most and where I’m most prone to blocked pores. The product definitely feels like a mask and not just a thick moisturizer as some do.

So after leaving it on for 10 minutes. It’s shower time. It’s recommended that you tissue it off, but I’ve never been a fan of that, it often leaves your face covered in residue, and just annoys me. It’s preference I suppose.

I thought I’d put the product to some quite solid testing. I rinsed the mask off with warm water and before continuing with anything else, I jumped out the shower and dried my face off, waited a couple of minutes for my pores to close and then had a feel at the effects with no other skincare products whatsoever. Brilliant. Just brilliant. After no facial wash, clarifier / toner and moisturizer, my skin felt amazing, really soft, and relaxed, just on its own.

Chanel Hydramax Mask £36/75ml at Selfridges Online

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