Celebrating Understated Style with the NEW Lynx Black

LYNX Black

If you read my review of the new LYNX Black two days ago; you’ll already know that with the launch of their intoxicating new range, developed by the same fragrance expert as Calvin Klein’s CK One, I was challenged to explore Understated Style and what it means to me.


Understated Simplicity

I’m not a particularly ardent follower of fashion – I simply know what I like. I try to stay stylish, simple, well-groomed and well put together, with varying degrees of accuracy and success I might add. Therefore understated style for me is all about the finishing touches; the small attentions to detail that define individuality.

A friend of mine, Craig Hendry, owns and operates a successful men’s underwear business designing and producing in the heart of West Yorkshire. Recently, Craig and his two colleagues, Anthony Finney and Ben Hudson, ventured out into the world of men’s pocket squares through Squared Pocket; a classic men’s clothing staple recently returning into the spotlight.


Understated Surroundings

Talking of understated style, their factory in Brighouse is teeming with it; an authentic, British, Victorian mill but with updated machinery of course!


In Conversation with Squared Pocket

So I wanted to know more about the trio’s Squared Pocket pocket square venture and why they decided to establish this new brand, particularly in such a rocky economic climate (although Yorkshire accounts for roughly 11.5% of the UK’s entire manufacturing GDP).

‘Simply because we can; so we did we did! We can use the same machines as we do to create out underwear and to create pocket squares, it’s a simple process however extremely difficult to do!’

‘[With pocket squares] you can go smart without looking over the top. It’s something you can change easily to create a subtle difference. You’re not exactly going to change your bag all the time. You can change your tie for example and in turn can change the whole mood of your outfit. It’s the finishing touch!’


From concept to completion

‘[Chuckling] within 6 days we got the Square Pocket brand from concept, to production, to photo shooting and finishing with the website going live. We can get so much product from a very small amount of fabric. So if we like it, we’ll try it.’

‘Through social media and particularly blogs, we can discover the newest and latest trends then usually aquire the fabrics that same day. We can go from discovering trends to finished production within hours!’


Click here to check out the Squared Pocket website where you can choose your favourite style. To learn more about LYNX Black, check out my previous post here. LYNX Black is available from Boots.

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