Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Facial Capsules

I am ¬†very anti-naturals and anti-organic etc. My argument has always been that skin produces a highly balanced and ultra-complex cocktail of chemical compounds; therefore the day my skin starts pumping out lavender oil is the day I start applying it and its companions by the bucket load. Being the world’s biggest natural sceptic therefore, you can rest assured that when I recommend Weleda, it’s after incredibly severe and pessimistic scrutiny before coming to my conclusion.

Weleda Hayfever Kit

Whilst hayfever isn’t strictly grooming related, it’s something that will effect many of you as it does me. Over last 6 years, I’ve lived with the most terrible hayfever that often leaves me practically paralized with inflamed sinuses, massive susceptibility to respiratory infections and totally unable to do anything; so much so I take a prescription antihistamine called Fexofenadine, it’s incredible, but leaves you barely conscious.

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