Ahoy! And such. Blue Beards Revenge is the focus of this review, in particular the two lovely products that I’ve been using recently. I don’t get heavy hair growth, I am embarrassingly a member of what this company calls the ‘Bum Fluff Brigade”, but with having such sensitive skin, shaving can be a traumatic experience, involving cuts and swearing. Well, mainly swearing, even with electric. The two products I’ve been using are:

    The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream

The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm

Now, the first thing that I noticed about both products, is the fragrance, which initially put me off, being a massive fragrance-phobic and having sensitivity to many forms of ‘parfum’. This however, had no undesirable effects on my skin, so I wrote it off as me being fussy. It’s quite a classic and manly smell; I really think it would appeal to most guys!

After loading my shaving brush up with, and I must stress, the tiniest amount possible, I was treated to a full face of lather. One thing that I do look for in shaving foam is staying power, and this definitely has it, it will not move whilst shaving, which pleased me inside! After rinsing off from shaving, which proved to be a far more lubricated experience (ooh-err), my skin felt very smooth and comforted. It really had prevented any small cuts, which even though a lot of that depends on a good blade, proper lubrication is paramount.

After drying off, I then applied a small amount of the balm. It’s very jelly like and thin, which is the best thing possible when talking about an aftershave balm. It sinks into the skin and instantly left it soothed and smooth. The contained aloe did leave the skin feeling cool whilst the witch hazel does a great job of preventing infected hair follicles (which I can get from time to time). Because of it having such a low viscosity, it then allowed me to apply the rest of my skincare, not worrying about my face having a ‘tacky’ feeling, as though there was too much product

The Aloe that featured in both products really jumped out at me, as I’ve always been a massive fan and believer of the power of Aloe gel. The products are also paraben free which is a very popular move at the moment in our industry. The removal of Methylparaben therefore makes me happy, as when this is exposed to UVB (one form of sun radiation), it can elevate skin damage.

Finally, the thing that really made me smile is that for every tub of the shaving cream purchased, 50p is donated to ‘Operation Florian’ and ‘The Fire Fighters Charity’.  That’s 5% of the RRP! Love it!

All that’s left to say is that I can see these guys making some big waves in the shaving and grooming market and I expect to be seeing them featuring on the high street soon enough, as they really do outshine some of the crap that lines our shelves.

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