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Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Shampoo / Cashmere Coat Conditioner

Until now, I’d only ever tried Billy Jealousy’s amazing Illicit Body Wash from a menareuseless grooming pack and greatly enjoyed it. Their range is massive and multi-award winning, but these products in particular are two of their biggest.

Fuzzy Logic Shampoo

First like the fuzzy logic shampoo actually smells like mint humbug sweets. It’s amazing. I will warn you before continuing to talk about the product that even though the design of the bottle is made to be stood up-right, before you open it, turn it upside down, otherwise it will pour out. The cream-gel formulation lathers into a beautiful foam that deeply cleanses the hair without leaving it feeling dry and straw-like. It’s actually received an award from ‘Instinct’, America’s number one gay magazine, and we can be real tough judges when it comes to hair products! It’s also received the ‘Real Beauty 2011 Goldstar award’. It contains a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blockers, as DHT, an androgen, is key in the process of male hair loss.

This product is a delight to use and has now earned itself a place among my favourite shampoos.

Cashmere Coat Conditioner

When you squeeze the conditioner out of the bottle, it’s really thick and you imagine that it’s going to be really rich and possibly too much for your hair, but it isn’t. This ‘Men’s Health Magazine’ award winner will really give you hair a lustrous, soft and silky shine without leaving it feeling greasy or heavy. As with the shampoo, it’s designed to strengthen hair as well as including more DHT blocking ingredients.

I found with this you don’t need to leave in as long as normal conditioners. I just smoothed it into my hair and after about 30-60 seconds just washed it straight out again and it felt amazing, but again, not over-nourishing.

I found my hair products worked just as well as they normally do, as with richer shampoos and conditioners mean that my clays and other accoutrements are less effective, but with this, not a problem! Both these products are definitely worth a try, I think you’ll really enjoy them.

You can pick them up online from The Modern Man. The shampoo is priced £21.95 for 236ml. The conditioner at the same price and volume. These are obviously luxury products as you can see from the price tag, but I will tell you that you need the tiniest little bit each time, they should last you ages.

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