Best Prestige Product

You may or may not consider L’Occitane to be a ‘prestige brand’. You don’t find them in every department store and it doesn’t come presented in an iconic, yellow, paper bag. But do not be fooled, L’Occitane is as luxurious and prestigious as they come, and the Divine Serum couldn’t be any more deserving of the Best Prestige Product Award 2012.

I wrote a piece for Mankind here, discussing the range and it’s benefits which sparked a torrent of sales on the site. It’s properties and main active ingredient have been widely documented in dermatological journals as being effective and beneficial to the skin as powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflamatories and aiding skin cell regeneration (I’ve actually read through a couple of them and I’m happy to give references on request).

Seeing the product trialled by people close to me with skin for which the serum is more appropriate (carefully skirting around the words mature and old here) was fascinating to watch. The immediate effects on the skin were outstanding, with an instant boost in hydration and a clear dewiness to the skin’s surface. Over time, skin became noticeably brighter, complexion was balanced and the skin’s ability to retain water was incredible. Most importantly, because of these effects, wrinkles and lines appeared reduced as the skin plumped out and firmed; it really does appear to improve cellular regeneration.

At £69 this definitely carries a prestige price tag but I believe it’s superbly justified and deserving. For more information, you can check this product out here over at the L’Occitane website and congratulations to L’Occitane.

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