This was probably my easiest choice throughout this whole process. A brand who has established themselves around basically one product with only two versions to date. When first hearing about the brand I was sceptical and had no idea the buzz that would be created in the industry, but not by PR agencies, magazines, ad campaigns and marketers, but through an enormous amount of testing and trialling by real people resulting in one of the biggest word of mouth campaigns I’ve seen to date.

GLAMGLOW therefore receives Best New Launch 2012 Award. There are two products, the GLAMGLOW Youth Mud, designed to deeply cleanse, hydrate and firm the skin, and the GLAMGLOW Super-Mud, particularly effective on men and designed to also cleanse, but kill spot causing bacteria and stop existing blemishes dead in their tracks.

After trialling both, I have to say the Super-Mud was the clear winner for me personally. As you apply the product it does tingle… a lot. Luckily you’re warned about this from the literature and it is a tingle rather than any sort of burn, so don’t worry. After a 20 minute application, my skin transformed. Not only was my complexion brighter, it was more even, particularly across my forehead and cheeks where I do tend to get a little blotchy sometimes. Any remaining blemishes across my skin were completely disarmed. Black heads and blocked pores are quite spookily, immediately extracted and you can see the colour of the mask change in the areas it detects dirt and blockages, creating a leaching effect.

There aren’t that many stockists in the UK at the moment but it’s expanding month by month, they are a new brand here remember. Currently you can find their products at Space.NK, here is the link to the GLAMGLOW Super Mud. Yes it’s £45 but you need only the tiniest amount. Congratulations GLAMGLOW.

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