A moment of deep sadness came across me as I squeezed the last of this duo out. Never have I used a shampoo and conditioner set that has felt so luxurious, smelled so great or left my hair feeling as unbelievable thickened, silky and soft.

The Best Hair Care Award 2012 goes to Billy Jealousy for their Fuzzy Logic Shampoo and Cashmere Coat Conditioner. First like the Fuzzy Logic Shampoo actually smells like mint humbug sweets, surely that’s all you need? More? OK. The cream-gel formulation lathers into a beautiful foam that deeply cleanses the hair without leaving it feeling dry and straw-like. It contains a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blockers, as DHT, an androgen, is key in the process of male hair loss.

The conditioner is thick and lathers slightly but doesn’t leave your hair feeling remotely greasy or over-nourished. In fact the balance of hydration and silkiness is incredible, plus your hair is left smelling great. Harnessing the same DHT blocking agents as the shampoo, it will really make a difference to anyone concerned with thinning hair and receding hair lines.

A fantastic duo that really made an impression on me this year, being my only option for the Best Hair Care Award 2012. Congratulations Billy Jealousy.

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