Cheeks, eyes, chin, nose, forehead, lips? There’s so much going on with our faces and more products out there than is conceivable, where was I to start with this?

Personally, I’ve always had such trouble with my lips. They’re always dry, flaking or splitting and are a cause of real discomfort and cosmetic anguish. I’ve gone through more lip balms in a year than most people would in a life time and I panic when I don’t have one one me. But there are so many balms, sticks, butters and salves that it’s hard to know where to start.

The winner of the Best Face Product Award 2012 goes to Anthony Logistics, for their Blood Orange Lip Balm with SPF 25. It contains Vitamins A & E mixed within a completely shine-free formula that instantly hydrates and soothes chapped lips. One of the main moisturising ingredients is Avacado Oil which is great as it sinks in but doesn’t leave a greasy finish. Stevia is an included ingredient which is pretty darn cool, it freshens and sweetens breath and seen as though lip balms all get swallowed as the day goes on, I actually really noticed it working (not that I have bad breath mind!). Oh this lip balm also tastes just like Robinson’s Orange Squash! Nom!

Truly deserved, congratulations Anthony Logistics.

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