This was a close fight between two brands this year. The first was L’Occitane and the other was LUSH. L’Occitane’s products, branding and innovation are outstanding, their store staff are some of the most polite, friendliest and helpful people in the industry, but it’s clear there are massive pitfalls when it comes to their product training, particularly in skin care and their skin care products.

LUSH however have made me feel proud to be part of our industry this year, as I have experienced their brand to the fullest. Not only has there been one fantastic product launch after another (seemingly more so than any other brand out there but never lacking in quality), they’ve released a Christmas single, opened spas and generally rocked out the cosmetics industry.

In a time of austerity with companies such as Starbucks and Amazon getting away with paying millions in tax, LUSH paid 42% tax on £21 million profit last year. Their standards of business ethics are unparalleled, especially within cosmetics. They’ve fought for our animals with brave and gallant animal rights campaigns, which through their intentional controversy, sparked great discussion and open debate.

LUSH are no longer just the soap people, although they do make incredible soap, but they’ve taken the beauty industry model of practice and chucked it in the bin, making their own rules and through doing so have come to the forefront of cosmetics. Their innovation in bath products, approach to the emotional empowerment of women through their new makeup line, incredible, passionate and consistently outstanding level of customer service, have all gone to make LUSH the perfect brand to win the Manface Best Brand Award 2012. Congratulations LUSH.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 09:00 December 30, 2012
Vivien @ The London Oil Company

I couldn’t agree more :-)

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