So much to choose from! Going right back to the beginning of the year, I trawled through my articles, read through my notebooks and browsed through mountains of products, all to find a winner for the Best Body Product Award 2012.

There was one range that really stood out to me this year, a range that I’ve gone through far faster than anything else and replaced one product twice and another three times. Something that I’ve seen attempted many times before by other brands, but none as well executed as this from the beauty giant, The Body Shop. Any ideas?

This year’s Best Body Product Award goes to The Body Shop Chocomania; a range of products designed to bring every aspect of chocolate to your bath time. There’s a body scrub that’s the consistency and feel of cake mix, delivering one of the most powerful body scrubs I’ve experienced to date. A shower gel with the scent, feel and look of chocolate caramel sauce. A body butter and lotion that are both like… well… butter! A body oil that will leave you feeling softer and more hydrated than you’ve ever felt before whilst being completely non-greasy. A lip butter that you want to eat. Finally a heart shaped soap with embedded granules that’s perfect for both the hands and the body.

The whole range is amazing and if you love chocolate as much as I do, then let this be your calorie-free, guilty pleasure. If I had to pick just one product from the line, it would be without a doubt the body scrub, coarse and rough whilst simultaneously softening and moisturising; perfect for clearing ingrown hairs and conditioning tough man-skin. The whole range is not only beautiful for the bathroom, but also beautiful for the planet as the products feature a whole host of naturally and ethically sourced and traded ingredients all delivered at a great price.

A massive congratulations to The Body Shop.

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