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I’ve recently returned from a press trip with two very inspiring people from the British beauty blogging and journalism scene: @VexInTheCity and @ASweepingBeauty. Now both are based and living in London, along with the rest of the British beauty collective it seems and the events, dinners and launches they spoke of had me on tenterhooks. I mean, I love visiting the Selfridges Wonder Room and I’ve toured through the ELC offices of Grovsenor Street but does that mean that there’s not a scene here ‘up-north’?

We have no head offices, no launches and I’ve not heard of one blogger event in the year I’ve been writing. What the hell’s going on?

I’m actually based right here in Manchester, the only region to boast two, yes, two Selfridges, the iconic Kendals (since 1832), Harvey Nichols, two John Lewis’s, Space NK and a whole plethora of other exciting beauty destinations.

We really do love our skincare and beauty here. I mean look only to the west of Manchester for the infamous ‘Scouse Brow’, fake tan and hair rollers during the daytime; some of these girls are like TOWIE on acid… I love it! We have tonnes of amazing hair salons, spas, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, everything you could want. Once a year Gok Wan comes to parade his fabulous women through the food court of the Trafford Centre for heavens sake!

I think it’s time we had more blogging events, more launches and more everything, we are the new home of the BBC you know. I fully understand why everyone is in London, I mean, it’s our capital city, but then maybe if we can’t be the new home then just an extension of the beauty world but I feel we shouldn’t be shut out any longer. Give us something.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:57 July 2, 2012

Hi Thom,
Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s such a shame as, like you mentioned, Manchester really is a key beauty capitol!
There is a Sienna X event coming up in Liverpool that I can invite you to? Also, there was a blogging workshop in Manchester city centre last week which was really useful. On twitter search the hashtag #CaratBlogShop for more info etc.
Take care,
Becca x

Harvey Specter
Posted at 15:16 June 23, 2012

I can completely relate to this, as a fellow blogger from outside our great capital. I’ve been invited to about 6 events in the few months I’ve been blogging. All based in London and on days / times that I couldn’t get there.
I understand that lots of brands / PR companies and many bloggers are based there but not every single one!
It would be nice to have something Midlands based for a change too :)

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 15:36 June 23, 2012

    Yeah exactly, you see I’d travel to Birmingham for example, but when with the invites I’ve had, I always think it’s a hell of a long way to go and big expense for a drink and few nibbles, but you lose out on networking opportunities here!

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