Baxter Oil Free Moisturizer

Despite hating having to spell moisturizer with a ‘z’ for this post, this is an absolutely fantastic fragrance-free moisturiser designed for normal-oily skin.

The moisturiser uses plant-based ingredients to formulate a stunning hydrator that leaves skin feeling smooth and looking completely shine-free. Aloe calms and soothes irritated skin whilst Vitamin E defends against environmental damage. Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract is a good anti-oxidant as well as another great anti-inflammatory agent coupled with the soothing properties or chamomile.

All these ingredients go into making quite a fantastic product, that I can imagine as well as being great for daily use, would be unbelievable on sun burn. My skin felt hydrated all day and it really did stay shine-free. If you’ve not encountered Baxter before (or even if you have), then its definitely worth a try!

Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser £20/120ml at

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