Asthma accessories that’ll take your breath away

Last November I was finally formally diagnosed with Asthma which I’ve pretty much known I’ve had since I was a kid. All is going exceptionally well as I’ve been put on Ventolin and Clenil and have already seen so many other symptoms such as acute hayfever and eczema clear up.

There’s only one, rather pathetic problem… I love clean surfaces. I like the surfaces in my apartment to look clear, clean and smooth; I don’t like junk being on show if I can help it and like everything hidden from view. If I could live in a white box, I would.

The problem is that inhalers are the most god ugly thing in existence and I have them around to force remind myself to take them. Why do they have to be those awful colour shades? why are they so un-ergonomic? After graduating in Innovation Design, they go against everything I was taught.

So after some Googling, I came across Respire magnetic inhaler cases.

Designed by Guy Thornhill – a design engineer working currently on wind turbine technology – Respire was a labour of love. He has asthma, as you might have guessed and was equally inspired by the aforementioned ugliness of the plastic inhalers and his revulsion at inhaling motes of random pocket debris.

They’re plastic but particularly with the high-shine, chrome-style case, they looks like metal. They’re not cheap plastic either; weighty with a solid magnetic fastening; they even come with velcro strips to keep your inhaler inside from rattling around. Available in two sizes for the two standard-sized inhaler types. The larger size is for ‘normal’ inhalers like the one pictured above.

The Respire cases are £9.97 each with Free Delivery. Just send an email to Guy’s wife Lynda who will process the order for you and send payment via PayPal (she’s seriously lovely and came back to me almost immediately).

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