Artesian Spas – Hydrotherapy Spas and Hot Tubs #Sponsored

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must state that this is a sponsored article but still written by yours truly.

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy the use of an at home spa; and when I mean spa, I don’t just mean a free-standing jacuzzi on the back patio, oh no, I mean all the way up to a beautiful, indoor built in whirlpool.

Artesian Spas’ founding partners established the brand with one clear goal: to provide the best quality spas, the most features, and the greatest range of products. With over 100 years of combined spa manufacturing experience, they worked together to create Artesian Spas.

I’ll be honest, the one thing that always put me off anything like this was the inevitable abundance of chlorine gassing it’s way around my garden/house. Artesian Spas have developed and incorporated a completely green method of spa hygiene using Nature2, micro filtration, circulation pump, and ultraviolet light purification thus making redundant the use of harsh chemicals, off-gas, irritation, and the need for excessive maintenance. Hurrah!

Even though I’m not a big exerciser, for guys, the TitalFit pool looks insanely good; allowing you to swim naturally in an area of only around 4×2 metres (ok, that’s still pretty big). There are also accessories for rowing to really experience the complete workout. This is definitely worth looking into for the hardcore gym goer, as this provides both a total workout and a complete post-exercise, hydrotheraputic, warm down.

The Artesian Spas website, here, has all the information you could need, as well as a spa-designer app, health information and a complete listing of all the accessories and product information you could want. With cutting edge Spa technology, if you’re in the market for an at-home spa (or even if you aren’t) give Artesian Spas a look and if you end up buying one, invite me over!

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