Anthony Logistics Instant Fix Oil Control

I do love Anthony Logistics and in my opinion they’re the premium skincare company purely for men. Anthony Logistics Instant Fix Oil Control is a relatively new addition to their collection launching towards the latter half of last year. Designed to erase oil, hide pores and smooth the skin, it’s the all-in-one skin prep for men. There seems to be a little confusion online over this product but as far as I can tell, this is not a moisturiser, and is meant to be applied just as your about to head out the door.

It’s a lightweight, smooth, white cream and on contact with the skin, disappears instantly. Apply it after all your other skin care products. It’s amazingly effective and leaves my skin looking gorgeously smooth, fresh and mattified and the pores on my nose practically disappear! Hurrah!

It also reduces breakouts by absorbing excess oil, which is a valid claim, but breakouts don’t form by oiliness alone, as it’s blockages caused by the build up of dead skin cells that are the ultimate root, so make sure you exfoliate gently and regularly! The effects of this product lasts well through out the day, and I find by mid to late afternoon, I’m ready to apply a little more.

This is amazing for any guys who are just concerned with that excess oiliness but have relatively well behaved skin. Anyone with deeper concerns must look at the rest of the Anthony Logistics skincare range, where you’ll find the most amazing high performance products with incredible efficacy for a whole range of dermatological concerns. Anthony Logistics Instant Fix Oil Control is available here at Space.NK, enter SNKHARR at the checkout for free delivery, and you can check out the rest of their lineup here.

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