Anthony Logistics Blood Orange Lip Balm SPF 25

From the offset, I have to say that I love lip balms. One of my biggest concerns has always been my lips as they tend to get increadibly dry and flakey, and when you’re out and about, this doesn’t look too great. Coupled with this, I also pick them as a nervous habit which exacerbates the problem. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for a lip balm that leaves my lips increadibly hydrated but whilst being matte, because the majority of lip balms out there leave my lips looking like I’m wearing gloss, and I’m disappointedly not able to pull such a look off.

So along came the Anthony Logistics Blood Orange Lip Balm with SPF 25, that from just reading the packaging, promised me the world. The Lip balm contains Resveratrol which I believe is a grape anti-oxidant and after looking it up, found out its specifically red grapes. I did a post a while ago on anti-oxidants if you want to find out why they’re so important – click here. It contains Vitamins A & E mixed within a completely shine-free formula that instantly hydrates and soothes chapped lips. One of the main moisturising ingredients is Avacado Oil which is great as it sinks in but doesn’t leave a greasy finish. Stevia is an included ingredient which is pretty darn cool, it freshens and sweetens breath and seen as though lip balms all get swallowed as the day goes on, I actually really noticed it working (not that I have bad breath mind!). Oh this lip balm also tastes just like Robinson’s Orange Squash! Nom!

Finally SPF 25 is an amazing addition to the  product, as we often use SPF on our face and body but forget the lips. By using sun protection, you really can stave off the early signs of ageing as its sun damage that causes nasty little lines and wrinkles. This is definitely my new favourite lip balm. I will say as a word of advice, keep it in your pocket as its super thick, and when cooled, goes quite thick and needs a pretty hard squeeze.

Anthony Logistics Blood Orange Lip Balm SPF 25 £6.95/7g at The Modern Man with Free Delivery and 10% off your first order by entering MANFACE12 at the Checkout.

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