“MANFACE” and the “MANFACE” Logo are a registered trademark with the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and the US Copyright Office (USCO).

This prevents the use of the “MANFACE” name/logo being reproduced and/or adapted and/or used for something that could infringe on its copyright. The copyright, protecting both the “MANFACE” name and the logo, is enforceable by both UK and US copyright law and if breached will result in a Cease and Desist Letter from a solicitor. If the terms set out in the Cease and Desist Letter are not met, further legal action will be taken.

  • It’s okay to use “MANFACE” logos and brand names on your website or blog. You don’t need permission to use the brands or names for purposes of reference.
  • You may use the “MANFACE” logo in any blog, news article or on your website without our written consent, as long as you follow these guidelines and do not modify the brand design.
  • Implying affiliation with “MANFACE” is also a no go. For example, this could be using the “MANFACE” logo prominently enough that your website could be construed to be directly affiliated with “MANFACE”. Your website should clearly look unique to you and/or your business and separate from “MANFACE”.
  • Using “MANFACE” (in any form of capitalization) in a domain name is not permitted. This gets confusing fast for users and people looking for the real “MANFACE” website. For example, the following URL would need a trademark license from “MANFACE” in order to be permitted: manfacegrooming.com. That being said, using “MANFACE” in a URL is OK, for example: example.com/MANFACE-review.html

Brand Guidelines

The word “MANFACE” must only ever be referred to in capital letters as one complete word. This restricts the use of the following examples

  • “Manface”
  • “MAN FACE”
  • “manface”
  • “Man Face”
  • “man face”


Please respect the logo and trademark guidelines set out in this page.


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