A Short Break from Blogging

In 6 weeks time (11th July), MANFACE will be five years old. For any website, let alone a blog, this is a huge amount of time that I’ve lovingly devoted to writing about the world of men’s grooming, skin and skin care. But, I need a couple of weeks off, to re-think and re-group.

There’s not that far of 1,000 posts on MANFACE and I guess more recently I’ve become a little disenfranchised with blogging, beauty, PR and social media. I find myself increasingly opinionated and grumpy and I think this is symptomatic of feeling at a bit of a dead-end with what I have to offer. I’ve also just finished my OU degree and that’s left a bit of a hole whilst giving a bit of an unexpected reality check.

I will never leave the blogging world and fear not, MANFACE isn’t going anywhere, but I just need a little time to think where to take it and what’s next – any advice, both good or bad, would be warmly welcomed.

So there you go, a slightly melancholic post, but I think it’s always best to be honest! I will be back in a week or so hopefully with some great new content, including tips, treats and gifts for Father’s Day, as well as a more refreshed frame of mind.

In the meantime, make sure to follow me here on Twitter, here on Facebook (new page, currently awaiting merging by Facebook) and here on Instagram. Or  if you have anything to say or suggest to me privately, email me here. Finally I’ve even set up an Ask.FM account here so you can even ask/comment anything anonymously.

Thank to everyone who reads and follows for your years of support!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 17:45 June 3, 2015
The Kentucky Gent

I think living life in the public eye definitely calls for some time off, especially after 5 years. People always think blogging is all fun and games, but.. it’s really a lot of work, bickering back and forth, and dealing with the good, bad, and ugly folks out there. Enjoy your break from it all!

As far as advice.. do what you love. Whatever that may be. It’s okay for that to change over time.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

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