Best of Boots Grooming Christmas Gifts for Men 2016

It’s pretty safe to say that Boots brings it to the party when it comes to Christmas Gifts and I’ve been through all 1,188 gifts to find you the best offerings.

As we fly into November, I’ll be covering a whole range of different gifts from best budget buys to obscenely luxurious gifts that’ll make your eyes water. But I want to start with the first place I look at Gifts, Boots. Never a year goes by without me picking up their famous catalogue.

All the gifts here are part of the 3 for 2.

4711 Original Eau de Cologne Duo gift set £12

4711 has always been one of my favourite colognes. Refreshing, citrus and just what you need to pick yourself up as the days are getting shorter and nights interminable. You can read one of my many reviews of 4711 here.

3 for 2. 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Duo gift set £12 here.

Sanctuary Spa Christmas Crackers (Box of 4) £10

Before Beauty Advent calendars became all the rage (which I couldn’t show less interest in if I tried – over-hyped and overpriced) were the Christmas Beauty Crackers which again, retailed for a pretty penny. These Sanctuary Spa Christmas Crackers contain:

  • Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash 75ml
  • Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Lotion 75ml
  • White Lily & Damask Rose Body Wash 75ml
  • White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion 75ml

10219073Sanctuary Surprise & Enjoy Christmas Crackers. 3 For 2. £10

Champney’s Christmas Crackers (Box of 4) £10

Another excellent budget Christmas cracker and from the Sanctuary Spa arch-rivals, Champney’s. These contain:

  • 50ml Citrus Blush Enlivening Shower Cream
  • 50ml Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Lotion
  • 50ml Summer Dream Rewarding Shower Gel
  • 50ml Heavenly Days Relaxing Shower Cream

10218913Champneys Cracker Collection. 3 For 2. £10

Starbucks Coffee Duo £18

Not grooming, but a gorgeous little gift. Roasted sweet and dark cocoa coffee with 2 Starbucks mugs and Starbucks shortbread biscuits. I know someone I’m getting this for!

10217437Starbucks Coffee Duo. 3 For 2. £18

Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Lip Balms (6 Balms) £10

Don’t worry, they don’t actually have any colour, I’ve used these before and loved them. They’re really good little lip balms without being like a gloss.and taste amazing with all the flavours of the Coca-Cola variations (except Diet – which does taste different).

10219438Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Lip Balms (6 Balms). 3 For 2. £10

Lynx Black Bumper Pack Men’s Gift Set £13

Reviewed earlier this year, I have really loved the Lynx black products, they’re great for the gym and go way beyond the traditional Lynx sets you’re used to. For just £13 you get 2 black night body sprays, black body wash and black night body wash as well as the ‘manwasher’.


Lynx Black Bumper Pack Men’s Gift Set. 3 For 2. £13

Boots No. 7 Men Manicure Kit £8

In a sweet little red tin, this comes with nail scissors, clippers, file and some tweezers for keeping the eyebrows and nose in check.


Boots. No. 7 Men Manicure Kit. 3 For 2. £8

Ted Baker Pimlico Grooming & Wallet Gift £20

With body spray and body wash with notes of pepper, vanilla and tobacco this gift set comes with two full size products as well as a Ted Baker wallet. The wallet is PVC but still pretty and for £20 all in, you can’t really go wrong.

10218997Ted Baker Pimlico Grooming & Wallet Gift. 3 For 2. £20

Lynx Urban Men’s Trio Gift Set £20

For £20, this is brilliant. Featuring one of the new Tobacco & Amber Lynx Daily fragrances as well as an antiperspirant, matte hair gel and Lynx Trilogy hair trimmer/detailer. You’re getting a hell of a bang for your buck all wrapped in a black tin and ready to go under the tree.


Lynx Urban Men’s Trio Gift Set. 3 For 2. £20

Reiss Sock Gift Set £20

Probably one of the most stylish gifts out of the collection (you can’t beat black marble) this Reiss gift set contains a body spray, body wash and comfy pair of burgundy Reiss socks.


Reiss Sock Gift Set. 3 For 2. £20

NPW Fries Pencil Pot £10

This is fun, and I really want one. The pencil pot comes with 8 inedible HB pencils.


NPW Fries Pencil Pot. 3 For 2. £10

Harvey Specter
Posted at 04:32 November 6, 2016

Great read, loved both Lynx sets and the no7 grooming set. 3 for 2 is fab isn’t it. .. good old Boots never let’s you down. Thanks some fab idea’s xxxx :)

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