Liz Earle For Men Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ve always seen Liz Earle about, particularly when I worked with Clinique at John Lewis in Cheadle a couple of years ago, but never actually bought anything. I can honestly say I’ve missed out big time.

On visiting John Lewis in Liverpool I strayed over to their counter for a peruse and what I peruse I had, the mother of all peruses in fact. Their product library is pretty massive and the products feature no animal ingredients or ingredients that have been tested on animals, they’re actually BUAV approved, so I’m happy from the get go. I got a few things from the really helpful consultant, but this is the first I wanted to review as I believe it’s their flagship product, like Clinique’s Dramatically Different or The Body Shop’s Vitamin E day.

It’s basically a clay cleanser, designed for all skin types. Now I’m always dubious when a product is designed for all skin types, but I can honestly say that this did work for me and I’d definitely say it’s for everyone. You apply the product onto dry skin and massage in, it feels amazingly rich and comforting. You then drop one of the two provided muslin clothes into hot water and wring it out until damp, then simply wipe away.

Your skin is left like silk, and especially an oil prone skin like mine was not left shiny and greasy, but soft, smooth and calmed. My moisturiser then sank in like a dream and it felt as though I’d just used a powerful exfoliator except without the feeling of tightness and dryness. I used my normal moisturiser to make the test fair (Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions) and my skin afterwords felt amazing and it just glowed. I mean actually sparkled. The featured moisturising ingredients are beeswax and cocoa, which are non comodogenic, meaning they won’t block your pores. Eucalyptus oil refreshes whilst rosemary and chamomile calms and soothes. My skin did have a reduced shine through the day, and as I used my normal moisturiser, I have to put that down to the cleanser.

The product is designed to be used every day, but what I’ve been doing over the last week is to use it before applying a facial mask and then using again afterwards to remove the residue; I think, just like my favourite perfume, I wouldn’t want to use it every day because it wouldn’t feel as special which is probably just me being daft, but I’m sure you know what I mean. If you’ve never used Liz Earle before, then from what their consultant said and from their products I’ve used, this is the perfect place to start with them. I’m certain you’ll be hooked!

Liz Earle For Men Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit £14.25/100ml at John Lewis Online

  • Riordan

    It isn’t a clay cleanser? Its a cream cleanser, and doesn’t contain any clay in it, whatsoever! Just for everyones information, and its probably the best cleanser i’ve ever used, along with my Malki Dead Sea Black Mud Soap (for my oily, teenage acne-prone skin; black mud is suitable for all skin types and helps eczema a lot!) But Liz Earle is the only high end brand i’ve tried, but, comparing it to all the other brands in the drugstore department, LIZ EARLE ROCKS IT HARD.

  • I really should look into Liz Earle.. Andy keeps spamming about how great they are 🙂

  • Bg

    I’ve been looking at this for a while, but not sure if it would work with my clarisonic. Have you tried using yours instead of the supplied muslim cloth?

    • manface

      I have actually tried it, all I did was massage the product into the skin and then use the Clarisonic as normal, it works surprisingly well! Instead of using wet skin, I kept is dry as Liz Earle recommends but wet the Clarisonic brush.

      • Bg

        Cheers Thom, I’ll have to give it a go. Great blog btw, been following quietly for a while; nice to have something like this for blokes. 

        • manface

          Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! Please comment or ask me anything at any time and I’ll always reply! 😀