Kiko Mat Base Corrector

OK, so yeah this is classified as a makeup primer but on its own, the Kiko Mat Base Corrector has to be one of the most powerful skin mattifiers I’ve come across to date!

The gel formula is made up of a whopping 97% natural ingredients and enriched with sebum (oil) absorbing plant actives which instantly and lastingly mattes the skin and makes pores look smaller.

Men tend to be more oily than women, we have more testosterone floating around our bodies than they do and this is one of the hormones that really increase skin oil production, therefore we also tend to have larger pores.

This product goes on top of all your other skin care for the day and instantly absorbs excess oil and shine is immediately removed, even though you’re probably applying it onto clean skin you can really see a difference!

As I bought and used this product whilst still in Barcelona, I was able to really put it to the test by having it try and defend against the heat and it really did a good job. It doesn’t protect against a full on sweat, but what I did find is that if you wipe your face off, it continues to work.

Kiko Mat Base Corrector Primer £8.90/25ml at Kiko Online

  • Andy aka Pampered Prince!

    I did a primer post too, great addition to any skin care regime. It makes your other products work that bit harder. With this, the nail protector and the BB cream it seems we share a very similar view that some products are just too good to be kept for the girls!

    • manface

      Haha we certainly do and I couldn’t agree more! Times are tough and men need a little extra help to stay looking good.